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Profitability Analysis


Using Profitability Analysis with Report Writer or Report Painter

Reporting in Profitability Analysis is usually done with the drill-down reporting tool. This reporting tool allows for easy and efficient on-line reporting. Users can interactively drill-down to the level of detail of choice.

Not commonly known is the fact that report writer and report painter reporting can easily and very quickly be enabled for profitability analysis. This could be an ideal solution in situations where reports need to be printed. It might even provide a great improvement of response time.

The trick will be to combine tables CE3xxxx and CE4xxxx into a database structure suitable for the reporting tool without redundancy or substantially increasing disk space requirements.

Product/Customer      Sales    COGS Discounts
1234                 30,000  20,000         0
1235                  4,600   5,000     1,000
1236                100,000  90,000     2,000
*     Buyer 1       134,600 115,000     3,000
2123                 20,000  10,000       500
2124                 10,000  10,000       500
*     Buyer 2        30,000  30,000     1,000
**    All customers 164,600 145,000     4,000
Special Purpose Ledger


Special Purpose Ledger: An Option in Reporting

There are still many SAP implementations that do not utilize the special purpose ledger module (FI-SL) even tough it could just be the tool for implementation specific reporting needs. The special purpose ledger brings standard SAP reporting functionality (report writer and report painter) to data base structures of your design.

Financial accounting (FI), controlling (CO), profit center accounting (EC-PCA), consolidation (FI-SL), product costing and the project system (PS) are modules that are partly based on functionality derived from the special purpose ledger.

Some examples for recommended use of the special purpose ledger are given below:

  • P&L reporting by day or week
  • P&L reporting by plant
  • Profitability statements that combine internal and external sales
  • Replacement of project system (PS) reports

Concerns regarding the complexity of FI-SL are often voiced. SAPiT, Inc. believes that these concenrs are not justified. FI-SL can be implemented within a few days with the help of experienced consultants.