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Questions and Problems

Your company is about to implement SAP or has already done so. The project team is working on issues and considering options and alternatives. Suddenly there is a SAP related problem or a question that needs to be answered.

How do you find the solution to your problem or the answer to your Question?

Of course, there are OSS notes, SAP related FAQ's (frequently asked questions and answers posted on the net) and SAP news-groups. But quite too often these sources won't help.

However, the solution or answer would be easy for somebody who has experienced the same or a similar problem already, for somebody who already has gone through many implementations.

SAPiT, Inc. would like to hear about your questions and problems. Please send a detailed e-mail to:


We will answer all mail that is related to our field of expertise (see: Services ) and we will do so for free. There is no obligation for you. However, if our response should be helpful to you, we would hope that you spread the word, recommend our company and our web-site.